6 Special Tips to Consider Before Buying a Diamond

6 Special Tips to Consider Before Buying a Diamond

 "Diamonds are a woman's best friend."


This term is often heard when talking about sparkling diamonds. But few people know that they are buying the best pieces. Otherwise, everyone struggles to find a pure diamond for their loved one. It is essential to check the clarity and color of this beautiful gemstone. Always follow a few critical tips before taking that expensive step in your life. You need to find a reputable dealer like Flawless Fine Jewelry.


If you're looking forward to buying your dream diamond, don't want to lose your hard-earned money, and don't want to get scammed, read these tips to get better knowledge. Without wasting time, let’s take a sneak peek.


Important hints to be considered before purchasing diamonds


1. See 4C


The buyer's 4Cs are cut, clarity, color, and carat. That's the word diamond. Don't compromise on these 4Cs or accept size when buying diamonds around the world. If your budget is tight, re-evaluate these 4Cs. You can set the diamond clarity to S | so that the diamond stays within your budget. reduce 1. Color can be reduced to 'J' and yellow gold if you're taking an engagement ring. The cut quality of round diamonds can be reduced to Good and Fair.

So when buying a diamond engagement ring, make sure you source the stone from an authorized dealer and buy from a trusted jeweler who guarantees its authenticity.


2.    Consider the Diamond Shape

The normal shape of a diamond is round, but there are many different shapes, that, when chosen, look quite pretty. If you are looking forward to buying a beautiful and rare engagement ring, get one from Chrisma Jewel. You can purchase fancy-cut diamonds like a cushion, princess, heart, radiant, pear, oval, etc. Choose these gemstones as per your taste and requirements and, of course, the size of your ring finger. Moreover, these non-rounded diamonds have diagonal length and elongated shapes, making them look bigger and prettier.


3. Find cut quality

The quality of a diamond's cut has a large impact on how it is bought and sold. "Cut" is very important to buy the ideal model that looks perfect on you. A very good or excellent cut will help bring out the best brilliance in the diamond you choose. It fits your budget. In addition, "cut" is an important function that cannot be overlooked. It is one of the essential characteristics that make a diamond a "diamond". Shine, brilliance, and fire depend on the "cut" of the gemstone.


4. Certification is mandatory

As the popular saying goes, "Not all that glitters is gold", which is very relevant to diamonds. Laymen unfamiliar with diamonds should check the seller's certificate. We always recommend requesting a certificate from a premier grading lab such as GIA or IGI to ensure the quality of the diamonds you purchase. The certificate includes cut, clarity, and color information verified by a licensed gemologist.


5. Determine Carat Weight

You may have heard a lady ask about a diamond she's one carat or she's two carats. The saying is familiar, but choose the perfect carat weight to make your lab-grown diamond engagement ring look beautiful and not overdone. Consider carat weight when pricing based on that. The most commonly purchased carat weight sizes are 0.50ct, 1.0ct, 1.5ct, and 2.0ct. To save a bit of your budget, it's wise to go just below these sizes, as there's a big difference in price.


6. Consider the style of the ring

When purchasing an engagement ring from Chrisma Jewel, you should consider which ring style suits your personality. Choose a ring style that suits your taste and make sure it doesn't spoil the look of your diamond of choice.

Metal colors such as yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold play an important role in setting an engagement ring. Also, after choosing the metal fittings, please choose your favorite setting such as an elaborate design or a plain design. Few women can choose a solitaire setting. What you choose for engagement and what extra sparkle you want is entirely up to your tastes and preferences.



Diamonds are forever, so choose wisely. Please do your due diligence before purchasing this expensive gemstone. Don't rush the process. When shopping, make sure you go to reputable jewelers like Flawless Fine Jewelry (Chrisma Jewel). Don't let your jeweler push you into something that isn't within your budget, and always ask for GIA or IGI-certified diamonds.

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